Pond Hockey Classis for recreational players 2020

Message from Chilly Pete

I hope all is well with you and you’re staying home in these crazy Corona Times.
I have to admit, I’m really sad today as in normal times, this weekend, I was going to meet and welcome you all at the 8th edition of the Indoor Pond Hockey Classic in Antwerp, Belgium, together with my partner in crime Ziggy Dubois, all tournament collaborators and last but not least the lovely ladies serving you the already famous chicken wings from the penalty box. Epic indeed!
Unfortunately, this Corona Pandemic decided otherwise. While we consider ice hockey to be our most important past time, staying healthy is today our uttermost concern.
You know the saying ‘Quitters never win, and Winners never quit’. That’s why we never even imagined cancelling this year’s edition of the Pond! On the contrary, we decided to postpone at a later date this year when the awful Corona Crisis is behind us.
Today, Friday 17 April, I’m thrilled to announce the NEW DATES for the 8th edition of the Indoor Pond Hockey Classic, i.e. Friday Night 16 October from 8PM onwards, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October. This gives you plenty of time to plan your trip and participation this fall.
Of course, these dates might be altered again if compelled by Corona safety measures imposed by the authorities. However, we keep our fingers crossed that the Summer will normalize our life again.
Let me end this message with some spoiler alert …
The classic vintage t-shirts and hoodies are fabulous as always.
Harold Van der Heijden from CCM/Sportimex once again kindly provided us with the legendary KING OF THE POND jerseys designed by Ryan Samson from the Hockey Community.
I’m confident it’s gonna be grand again in October! Worthwhile the wait!

Yours Truly,

Chilly Pete & his crew